Our Instructional Philosophy and Focus

Universal Academy Charter School’s Philosophy is “Success For All”. We believe that each student can be successful with the appropriate support. Universal Academy strives to give each student the individual attention and instruction that they need by collecting and analyzing data each week. Universal Academy teachers plan their lessons with small groups that allow them to observe each student’s understanding of the lesson daily.

Our Core Values & Beliefs

Our First Priority: Our Children.

Belief & Action are required to achieve our mission.

Think positive.

Improvement is not enough: INNOVATION is the key.

Together we shine brighter.

Our School Motto

Success For All

Our School Mascot

The Philosophers

Universal Academy will achieve “Success For All” by:

Assessing students understanding of the Minnesota State Standards that were taught each week with a “Friday Quiz”
Tracking the weekly Friday Quiz assessments and meeting to discuss student and class progress
Using the data from the “Trackers” to reteach and retest as well as create small groups that will address specific standards
Differentiating lessons and assessments for individual learning styles
Using research based programs including “Responsive Classroom”, “Teach Like a Champion”, “Great Habits, Great Readers”, “Driven By Data”, “Gradual Release”, and “Response to Intervention”

Important Announcements

UACS Board meeting will be held on Saturday May 20th at 10am. Also board training at the same time. If you have any questions, please contact 651-442-3124.

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Our Authorizer is Novation Education Opportunities (NEO) - neoauthorizer.org